Our Story

Fentons & Co. is a British born men's lifestyle company, specialising in premium scented candles for the discerning modern man. 

We got the idea for Fentons after regularly buying candles at university. Living independently, away from home, allowed us to appreciate how a candle could produce invigorating and relaxing smells, elevate the atmosphere in a room and evoke good memories in doing so, creating the ultimate sensory experience. 

For decades we’ve thought of the home as an exclusively female domain, but we’re starting to evolve out of that notion mentally, but it’s not reflected in our retail experiences. Men are beginning to show a newfound appreciation of style, aesthetics, scent and design yet we found no one was speaking to customers about their homes.

We believe that candles should be an essential part of everyone's living space, so we set out to design a range of candles which departed from the traditionally floral and fruity fragrances and instead focus on a unique blend of woody, earthy, leathery and herbaceous scent profiles.

After almost two years of hand pouring candles, experimenting with fragrances in our kitchen and testing out different waxes, we're proud to launch our first range of four scented candles.