Our Story

Fentons & Co. is a luxury brand founded in London in 2019 by Tobi - Joshua Oke with an ambition to create a new form of artisan home fragrances.

Our mission is to redefine how we perceive scent by overturning the outdated and gendered codes seen in subliminal messages around fragrance. We do not believe in the archaic notion that a woman’s scent should solely be floral, light and fruity and a man’s fragrance should only be leathery, woody and smoky.

For decades, society has thought of candles as an exclusively feminine product, an idea which is both backwards and incorrect.  We believe home fragrance is an essential part of everyone’s living space as it is a reflection of your identity not your gender.

Our development approach draws inspiration from architecture, home interiors, nature and suspended moments in time and space that create lasting impressions in our memories. As a result, our philosophy to scent means we include a range of floral, citrus, smoky, woody, leathery and herbaceous fragrance notes across our range of gender-free scented candles.

We produces candles using the highest quality materials which is why we use 100% coconut wax and beeswax in addition to preserving artisan methods of production such as pouring each candle by hand.

Our mission is to change the philosophy on how we categorise fragrance in relation to gender by creating artisan gender-free scents using the best quality materials available. Join us in the scent revolution.